Preparing for physician employment interviews.

I regularly receive phone calls from physicians whom are considering employment opportunities and have employment interviews scheduled. When discussing the details of an employment opportunity with a physician it sometimes becomes glaringly apparent that  the physician was ill prepared for the employment interview, as critical questions were never posed, and as a result key information about the opportunity not yet known (or considered).

As the physician employment interview season approaches, I want every provider to be armed with information needed to properly evaluate a prospective employer, and get the jobs they want. To achieve this, it is vital that physicians interview well by asking thoughtful questions and providing thoughtful answers. I created the Physician’s Employment Interview Guide for one reason: to aide physicians as they interview employers. The Physician’s Employment Interview Guide is completely free (you do not even have to enter an email address to access it) and available online at

Below are excerpted questions from the Physician’s Employment Interview Guide:

  • What is the payor mix?
  • What is the patient demographic (e.g. highly educated, professional, heavy Medicaid population)?
  • Are there any expansions, mergers, or acquisitions planned?
  • How does the practice assign patients to its physician employees?
  • How many patients would I be expected to be seen in an average day?
  • Will I be expected to cover satellite locations? If yes, how often?
  • What is my anticipated call schedule? Is there equal participation among all physicians in my specialty/subspecialty?
  • Why is there a need for a physician with my specialty/subspecialty in this geographic area?
  • How long has this position been vacant, and to what do you attribute this?
  • In the past five years, what percentage of physician employees have been offered the opportunity to become a shareholder/partner?
  • Is there a post employment non-compete,? If so, what are its terms? (If applicable in all instances of termination, “do you believe it is equitable to restrict my ability to seek subsequent employment if you terminate my employment without cause?”)

The full version of the Physician’s Employment Interview Guide is available online at

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the Physician’s Employment Interview Guide or would like to discuss physician employment particulars, please feel free to contact me. I would welcome the opportunity to assist you. I can be reached directly by phone at 202.572.1004.

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